Saturday, June 16, 2007

Luke--Part 2

Luke underwent his tests yesterday at OSF in Peoria.

The tests reveal that he has a large kidney stone in his right kidney that will need to be removed so that it does not obstruct and further injure his kidney.

The stone probably formed due his severe malnutrition several years ago in Haiti with infection possibly playing a role.

The medical care that he received yesterday from the nurses and physicians was excellent.

Luke spent approximately 30-40 minutes in the operating room where the procedure and xrays were obtained. No surgery was performed. He entered the operating room at about 9 AM and was discharged to home at 11:10 AM.

OSF's charges for the above are $9,500. The physicians charges are not included.

I asked OSF for an itemized bill so we can see how this breaks down. Will post the bill when I receive it.

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