Saturday, June 16, 2007

Haitian Has Heart Surgery At Provena St. Joseph

Marie Amazan, a 24 year old Haitian Hearts patient, received two new heart valves at Provena St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, Illinois. See Press Release. Provena St. Joseph provided their medical center pro bono as they did for four previous Haitian Hearts patients.

Dr. Bryan Foy performed the delicate heart surgery and Dr. Kinder placed a permanent pacemaker. All physicians involved in Marie's care provided their services at no charge.

Marie is from Carefour Feuilles in Port-au-Prince. She lives in a crowded two room house on the side of a steep hill. Many family members live with her. She has six older sisters and no brothers. Her father is dead.

Her family does not eat everyday due to the poverty of Haiti and her neighborhood can be dangerous with the gang and political violence that plagues much of Port-au-Prince.

Marie has been unable to do much for many years due to congestive heart failure. She could mop the floor and make her bed, but that was about it.

This week, Marie was discharged from the hospital and is improving everyday. A Cardiovascular Intensive Care nurse, Anita, has been supervising Marie's outpatient medical care and transportation since discharge from the hospital.

Marie was given a chance by Provena St. Joseph and its physicians and nursing staff. Haitian Hearts cannot thank all of you enough.

See more about Marie's recovery as reported in Chicago at ABC News.

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