Friday, February 9, 2007

Peoria Heights Fire Department

The Journal Star published an article on the Peoria Heights Ambulance Service on February 7, 2007. It is worth reading to see what is left out.

Peoria Heights has decided to pay two EMT’s to staff their ambulance for 12 hours each day. They will continue their Basic care for the people of Peoria Heights rather than contract out to Advanced Medical Transport (AMT) for Paramedic care. AMT is the only Peoria based Paramedic and transport service and is strongly supported by Peoria’s three hospitals and Peoria Area EMS Service (PAEMSS).

Peoria Heights Village trustee Wayne Baum has argued for contracting with AMT. He stated that the difference between Basic care and Paramedic care is “tremendous”. Paramedic care (advanced life support) has been shown to save lives for people that call 911 with chest pain and shortness of breath. Mr. Baum also stated that there was conflict of interest involved with the vote in Peoria Heights because one of the trustees is a VOLUNTEER fire fighter for Peoria Heights.

To invoke conflict of interest here seems quite ironic. Mr. Baum’s connections with OSF, are well known, and OSF is AMT’s biggest supporter in Peoria. Also, the Peoria Fire Department (PFD) has remained mired at Basic and non transport for many years, while OSF’s Emergency Department Director and former Project Medical Director, Dr. George Hevesy, obtains a salary from AMT and OSF. The conflict of interest in Peoria regarding the highly lucrative ambulance business is significant and does not serve Peorians well.

In Peoria Heights, those in favor of hiring EMT’s stated that keeping service in Peoria Heights ensures two ambulances are always available in the village and that the new system would allow the ambulance service to upgrade to a higher level of service ( Intermediate or Paramedic) in the future.

The Peoria Heights Fire Department is well aware that AMT is not always available when 911 is called and that AMT will actually call the PFD to go to the scene and provide care. The PFD can only provide Basic care. Even if the PFD has a licensed Paramedic, they are not allowed to give advanced life support if AMT is not on the scene and asking for their help.

The Peoria Heights village decision was wise as they are trying to avoid the unfortunate EMS situation in Peoria.

John A. Carroll, M.D.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Monday, February 5, 2007

The Peoria Pundit is Scared and Very Disappointing

Here is a post from the Peoria Pundit today. The commenters continue to trash me even after Bill stopped me from posting. Bill is even trying to make me look bad if you read his comments and his posts. However, he did "retract" some of what he said when I called him on it. The more he can blame me, the more he appeases people that threaten him and his blog.

Bill stopped the comments from yesterday's post he wrote about respect and he even deleted the computer systems analyst e-mail from OSF ( that was linked to yesterday in a comment. I think Bill is very afraid of OSF and what they could do to him if they took him to court. He won't admit to that. He does not want to lose his blog. Too bad there is that much fear in Peoria.

I think Bill is upset with himself that he gave in to the powers that be. He was angry, misleading, dishonest, and sarcastic in his comments today.

Conclusion: People don't want to read about Peoria's deficient EMS system which is controlled for the most part by OSF, and they do not want to read about the abandonment of Haitian Hearts patients that need further heart surgery at OSF. The commenters did all they could to attack me for several months, and Bill took a lot of heat from powerful people and his blogger friends. It all became too much for him and he had to join in on the attack and get rid of me.

I do realize that this the way the game is played. And I am sure it is not unique to Peoria.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Peoria Pundit Fires Me

The Peoria Pundit finally got rid of me. Read about it and the comments are interesting also. I thought this would happen, I just didn't know when.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Threat

Please go to Peoria Pundit to read about threats sent to Jeanette Johnson after she organized Maxime's funeral. Please see comments that follow her post.

Last night I posted to the Peoria Pundit. It was deleted by Bill Dennis who runs the Pundit. Bill deleted another post of mine a while back that talked about connections between people and OSF.

The deleted post is below. A number of anonomyous commenters attacked today after reading this post:

The Anonymous Blogger

My concerns that I have posted on the Peoria Pundit have been the discrimination against Haitian kids who have not been allowed back to OSF for surgery, and what I believe is an ambulance and paramedic monopoly in Peoria. I don’t think I should blog or comment about important subjects like these unless I sign my name. Putting down one's name increases credibility. In my opinion, pseudonyms don’t work.

Disputes arise when an anonymous blogger includes damaging comments against a company. When an employee blogs against their company, there are limits to what companies can do to find out what employees are blogging against them. However, the company can sue the ISP to determine the blogger identity.

The Peoria Pundit has many anonymous commenters and an anonymous author or two.

Commenters and bloggers can be anonymous for multiple reasons. One can only speculate why someone wants to remain anonymous with their comments. Reasons to remain anonymous are many including fear of publicity, distraction to one’s professional career, ability to lie, denounce, spin, and write anything without answering for it.

I doubt many of the Pundit commenters would be so impolite and abusive if they had to sign their names. I think many of these commenters have a big knowledge base, but anonymous bloggers never have to admit they are wrong. Transparency is not out in the open. And bloggers and commenters seem to have some synergistic parasitic relationships with each other that push their aggression over the top.

Bill Dennis has to walk the fine line between demanding civility and honesty, and has to deal with overt dishonesty, spin, libel, etc. In my opinion, the Peoria Pundit blog is frequently not civil. And many potential commenters are driven away by a handful of commenters. I don’t think people who occasionally comment, even anonymously, like to be attacked by the attackers on this site.

I can understand anonymous bloggers or commenters in a country where their lives are in danger if they blog or comment openly (about their government, for example). But what are these people afraid of in Peoria? Their jobs and reputations mainly, and whether their kids get scholarships…

As opposed to a big company going after a blogging employee, can a member of the public ask a big company like OSF to identify an employee or someone using in their anonymous comments?

An anonymous commenter on the Pundit, “Tony” has responded to many of my posts regarding EMS in Peoria, and in my opinion, he spins the truth a lot in OSF’s favor. He definitely has the inside look at this topic. His uses words like “conspiracy” in a taunting manner and doesn’t answer questions about OSF. I have asked him who he is so we could put his comments into perspective about why he did not feel obstacles were being thrown up to the PFD by PAEMSS or OSF regarding their ability to upgrade, and whether he thought their was conflict of interest at OSF, which he doesn’t seem to want to answer.

He doesn’t answer questions about Sue Wozniak’s comments regarding Dr. George Hevesy and Hevesy’s salary from AMT. (He actually confused the topic by referring to an old AMT website.) Ms. Wozniak is Chief Operating Officer at OSF and a Board Member of AMT. Tony avoids this topic as much as possible for some reason. He knows he could be tracked by OSF’s geeks. But is he even worried?

I doubt it.

When I address the issues of EMS in Peoria and discrimination against Haitian Hearts kids, two of whom we have buried, Tony and a couple of his anonymous colleagues have tried to turn me into the problem, which seems to get quite old in their myriad of abuse. Tony laughed at my suggestion that he is well connected. (I think I have to quit using the word “connected” regarding OSF, because Bill had to delete a comment regarding that in the past by an unhappy reader that put on some pressure and made me the problem again.)

However, even though Tony guffaws at the chance he is well connected, he has sent a comment or two from His IP I think this is from the library at the Center for Health at OSF. But I am no geek and don’t know for sure. I am sure the tech support system at OSF Corporate does know. But will the tech support track this and tell me?

The reason that tech support at OSF should track this is that this is one of the OSF Mission Statements—“open and honest communication”. Tony’s communication is not open and frequently not factual. Does OSF have a responsibility to me or the general public based on their premise of “open and honest communication” to identify Tony. Tony has said some pretty abusive and biased things as an employee of OSF or a “well connected” friend of OSF. Will OSF break another of their OSF Mission Statements?

I don’t mean to pick on “Tony” but when he sends his comments from OSF, he becomes an easy target for me to at least assume he has connections with OSF, which quite likely colors many of his comments the last couple of months regarding Haitian Hearts and EMS in Peoria.

Tony, if you don’t work at OSF, or are “well connected” with them, please accept my apologies. But when we don’t know you or what motivates you, how are we supposed to know about your credibility and the honesty of your anonymous comments?

John A. Carroll, M.D.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

The View from Inside

Please go to the Peoria Pundit to read The View from Inside, The Mission and Maxime, and Haitian Hearts to Monmouth.