Monday, February 5, 2007

The Peoria Pundit is Scared and Very Disappointing

Here is a post from the Peoria Pundit today. The commenters continue to trash me even after Bill stopped me from posting. Bill is even trying to make me look bad if you read his comments and his posts. However, he did "retract" some of what he said when I called him on it. The more he can blame me, the more he appeases people that threaten him and his blog.

Bill stopped the comments from yesterday's post he wrote about respect and he even deleted the computer systems analyst e-mail from OSF ( that was linked to yesterday in a comment. I think Bill is very afraid of OSF and what they could do to him if they took him to court. He won't admit to that. He does not want to lose his blog. Too bad there is that much fear in Peoria.

I think Bill is upset with himself that he gave in to the powers that be. He was angry, misleading, dishonest, and sarcastic in his comments today.

Conclusion: People don't want to read about Peoria's deficient EMS system which is controlled for the most part by OSF, and they do not want to read about the abandonment of Haitian Hearts patients that need further heart surgery at OSF. The commenters did all they could to attack me for several months, and Bill took a lot of heat from powerful people and his blogger friends. It all became too much for him and he had to join in on the attack and get rid of me.

I do realize that this the way the game is played. And I am sure it is not unique to Peoria.

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