Saturday, April 12, 2008

Word From the Ground in Haiti

Here is an e mail received today from Frandy in Carrefour describing this week in Haiti.

Also, Haiti's Prime Minister was "ousted" today.

Frandy's e mail:

The situation is better today.Yesterday i went out cuz i was really in needed.I walked along side Carrefour Boulevard by looking for a Western Union bureau, just to pick up some money from my dear friend Helen Quade who lives in St Louis (Missouri).Therefore i was also a witness of what was happening in Carrefour especially on the Boulevard way.It was very riscked for me, but i was obliged because i did not have nothing to eat at home.I tchecked up 9 Western Union offices infact all of them were closed.The streets were stuffed with a lot of people and the majority of them was young.They manifested against the rising of the prices (Expensive life) and placed some baricades, they even reposted to the UN forces, because UN troops attacked them before by shooting tear gas and plastic boullets.The demonstrators thrown stones and bottles on the UN forces.For the demonstrators UN and the Governement are their worst enemy of the moment, MINUSTAH transformed the situation as bottlefield by using weapon against the people.The situation was awful yesterday.I am not agaist the strike, so i rather dislike some of the demonstraters who looted the Stores, Banks and gasoline stations etc. Although the Nation is suffering, the governement does not care about us.I tried to understand the speech of the president, i think a national production program would be better for the country, but when it will start Mr President? and what do you pretend to do as an emergency plan in this famine situation? I heard the demonstrators saying "We are hungry, if they shoot us we will put fire".UN are not a force of peacekeepers, they are a group of criminal.Now the situation is calm, there is circulation of cars and people are able to move.Most of the businesses are working.I hope to go back to school next week "Monday".I have a program to follow at school, i am praying just to have chance to attend my school.The hunger pains name clorox.The rise of the prices cause me hungry, i want to have a low price for the groceries.The country is needing an emergency plan not promess.I am asking everyone a hand for this beautiful Nation, Haiti needs the world now.There are thousands children who are suffering with sicknesses and starving problems.Thanks for all who are helping Haiti.


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