Thursday, April 17, 2008

Haiti's Suffering, Washington's Shame

Ben Terrall wrote a superb article regarding Haiti's latest woes. A UN soldier referred to Haiti's biggest enemy as "poverty" and said that only the fight against that will bring peace.

In this article Mr. Terrall quotes from an e mail he received from Father Gerry Jean-Juste:

"Some Haitians and foreigners are swimming in wealth while the poor ones are down deep in the pit of misery. A near famine situation reduces many people in skin and bone. As thousands of needy ones could not take it anymore they took the streets and let out their anger. I wish the wealthy ones in Haiti could accept to share and stop looking down at the lowly ones. We are all God's children. Exclusion of a majority in dire need is not the answer. A policy of inclusion and sharing is the answer."

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