Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We are Spending 10 Billion Dollars Each Month in Iraq

E-mail received today from a friend in Haiti describing the situation and how their patient population is affected. The real problem is not enough food in people's stomachs have pushed them to this madness.

April 7, 2008

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Please pray for us today. There have been widespread rioting in Haiti as
well as all major and many minor roads blocked with burning tires, broken
glass, etc. Yesterday, there were armed men at the gas station so that no
one could fill up. The demonstrations all broke up around 4-5 pm so we were
able to get a gravely ill man to Port au Prince after that and fortunately
fill our gas tank which was near empty.

There is no diesel for the generator today so unless God provides a miracle
we may not have electric in the clinic.

Jim had no docs yesterday because they live in Port and could not get
through. We had 4 other patients besides the one that should have been
hospitalized but were unable to. One motorcycle accident included in that
bunch. We worked late and finally got all but 5 seen. Mary (name changed by me)
arrived here to go to Jacmel early this AM but the roads were all blocked by
6:30 AM. So she will be joining us in the clinic today.

This morning we have a woman in active labor at the clinic awaiting us
because her car was bombarded by rocks when she tried to get to the

Things should clear up tomorrow as the nation really cannot afford to not
work for many more days.

Thank you for your prayers for us today.

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