Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Catholics and Fear of Church Hierarchy in Peoria

Peoria Journal Star

Forum: Catholics shouldn't be afraid to challenge church hierarchy

Posted Jul 31, 2010 @ 10:45 PM

With the sale of Resurrection Church in LaSalle, plus the demolition of St. Benedict's in Ladd and the loss of attendance in the four suspended churches in our area, it is time to challenge the church's hierarchy.

We have little authority in church governance. We must challenge this clerical pyramid that is secretive and above scrutiny. We must take a stand for accountability in overseeing the complexities of church finances and all church functions.

We want a diocese, monastery or abbey to be like that of a poor workman who is not sure if tomorrow he will find work or bread. We want them to be filled with those who with all their being share their suffering with those they preach to.

We no longer want a diocese, monastery or abbey whose leaders concern themselves with their own survival and security, free from fear, care or anxiety, while the parishioners are uneasy about what the future holds in their Catholic community. It is easy to speak of spiritual poverty, to fill one's mouth with pious words based on scriptural readings, and yet lack for nothing.

It is time, the parishioners take back the churches they paid for, furnished and repaired. It is time for the laity to handle church operations and let the priests be responsible only for what is sacred.

We have too many priests who live comfortably while parishioners struggle for their church's survival. This has to stop. There are few priests who emulate the poor Nazarene and the humble Jesus.

We need a crusade to recover "Christianity" from the clerical elite. This must come about in order to ensure our Catholic faith.

Carlo Olivero


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