Friday, April 3, 2009

Looking Back....Haitian Hearts and OSF Patients Die Needlessly

As the years passed, OSF continued their abandonment of Haitian Hearts patients that were treated at OSF and needed to return to OSF for further surgery.

And as we had warned early in the decade, the kids began to die. Their heart repairs performed at OSF would not last forever; everyone involved with their care knew they would need further surgery at some point.

Their doctors wanted them back. Their nurses wanted them back. The ICU cleaning ladies wanted them back. Their host families wanted them back.

But then when they needed surgery, OSF would not allow them to return to OSF for definitive repairs.

Jackson Jean-Baptiste died in January, 2006 and Maxime Petion died in January, 2007. They both went through agony before dying horrible deaths.

This is so hard to think about, write about, and see Jackson's and Maxime's eyes in pictures from several years ago. They trusted us so much.

Their deaths were needless.

How could this have happened?

(Jackson Jean-Baptiste above. December, 2005.)

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