Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Illinois and Governor Blagojevich

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was jailed this morning in Chicago.

Here is a letter I sent Attorney General Patrick Fitzgerald in June, 2008.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: U.S. Attorney General Patrick Fitzgerald Letter
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 14:17:05 -0500
From: John Carroll

Dear Mr. Fitzgerald,

I have been following the Rezko case closely.

The reason I am writing you is to make some comments and ask some questions regarding the State of Illinois and any connection they have with OSF-Saint Francis Medical Center (OSF-SFMC) in Peoria. OSF-SFMC is the largest medical center in downstate Illinois.

Peoria has an urban population of about 113,000 and metropolitan population of about 350,000.

1. I was told by a lawyer involved in discussions with OSF when OSF was constructing a new medical building (OSF Center for Health) in Peoria that OSF's attorneys (Hinshaw-Culbertson) appointed a lobbyist to speak with the Illinois Health Facilities Board for certification. The Board was run by Mr. Beck and Mr. Levine at the time. The OSF Center for Health was initially denied the certificate, but eventually the certificate of need was approved by the Board. The OSF Center for Health was subsequently constructed and is thriving in Peoria.

2. During a couple of the discussions wiretapped between Mr. Beck and Mr. Levine in 2004 the two men referred to Advocate and Saint Francis as hot issues that were coming up in June, 2004. They also alluded to the fact that Emil Jones was involved.

3. My questions are: Was the Saint Francis they were speaking about the Saint Francis in Peoria? If it was OSF-Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, was the discussion about the new Milestone Project that OSF was embarking on? And how and why was Emil Jones involved? (The Milestone Project is OSF's campus expansion and new Children's Hospital of Illinois costing about 500 million dollars. Incidentally, OSF is located one block from Peoria's Methodist Medical Center which is starting on its own 400 million dollar expansion.)

4. Why did the Illinois Finance Authority (IFA), with Governor Blagojevich's approval, loan OSF 460 million dollars in bonds for the Milestone Project? Did Governor Blagojevich get anything in return for the second largest loan in the history of IFA (which has been run by "pay-to-play" people, as you well know.)

5. Were there any improprieties between OSF-SFMC and the Illinois Department of Public Health under the guidance of Eric Whittaker, M.D.? Mr. Beck and Mr. Levine referred to Dr. Whittaker in their taped conversations. Dr. Whittaker gave OSF numerous awards even after I informed him of my concerns regarding OSF's unethical and improper Emergency Medical Services (EMS) monopoly in Peoria.

Thank you for your consideration of these questions and concerns. And thank you for your persistence in insisting on justice in Illinois and the United States of America.

Please call or email if you need further information.


John A. Carroll, M.D.
Peoria, Illinois


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