Sunday, March 14, 2010

Look Who Took Money

For years Advanced Medical Transport (AMT) of Peoria paid OSF's Dr. George Hevesy a salary.

Dr. Hevesy was Project Medical Director of all of the ambulance companies in central Illinois, including AMT.

Until last summer AMT was the only provider of advanced life support in Peoria. The Peoria Fire Department now has one station that is allowed to provide advanced life support when they arrive at a 911 medical emergency.

And for years the AMT corporate board of directors has said that there was no conflict of interest regarding the fact that Dr. Hevesy was paid by AMT. And for years the AMT board of directors is composed of Peoria hospital administrators and other strong business people in the area who wanted AMT to be the only provider of advanced life support in the city of Peoria.

See Leonard Pitts article below describing the US congressman being paid by Toyota as they "investigate" the world's largest car maker.

This sounds like the way we do things in Peoria.

Leonard Pitts:

"This week's congressional hearings only heighten the concern. Lawmakers are investigating the recent recalls over safety defects that have besmirched the reputation of the Toyota company. We are indebted to The Washington Post for publishing an analysis of legislators' financial ties to the automaker. It turns out, according to The Post, that of the 125 members of Congress on the committees investigating Toyota, over 40 percent have accepted campaign donations totaling $135,673 from the company in the last 10 years.

"That's on top of a million dollars funneled to lawmakers by Toyota through state parties and PACs. Which is, in turn, on top of yet another million, just since 2008, donated by Toyota to nonprofit groups with, as The Post put it, ``strong ties'' to members of Congress."

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