Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti's Earthquake...Another Bad Day for Haitians

In the next few weeks and months, Haiti's poverty and lack of functional infrastructure will take the lives of many Haitians that could have been saved after the earthquake yesterday.

I saw a video clip on television last night of a man walking down a street in Port-au-Prince. I recognized the street and location. There were burning piles of garbage in the middle of the street. Frankly, I think this video was shot BEFORE the earthquake hit, but am unable to say for sure. Port-au-Prince, on a good day, looks semi-destroyed.

Haitians cannot get out of the way of natural disasters. Most people can't get out of the way of unpredictable natural disasters.

But the disasters created and exacerbated by man are avoidable. Man-made racism and injustice have put Haiti in a child-like, helpless position for the last 200 years.

This segment of Peoria's Channel 25 covered the local efforts of various aid groups in Haiti.


Eileen Couri said...

Where is the best place to donate money?Let us all offer much prayer for our Haitian Brothers and Sisters !

Eileen Frietsch said...

Where should we donate?Pray for Haitians !