Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Dear OSF,

This is Jenny.

She is your patient and was operated at OSF in 1999 for rheumatic heart disease.

She has done well over the past 10 years but needs to return to OSF for repeat heart surgery.

A founder of Haitian Hearts donated $23,000 cash to Paul Kramer at OSF-Children's Hospital of Illinois in 1999 for her surgery. This was money well spent.

Haitian Hearts will donate $10,000 more and my wife Maria and I will provide an additional $10,000 dollars if you will reaccept Jenny for heart surgery now. Please don't turn down $20,000 for repeat heart surgery.

Please give Jenny more time. She is a valuable member of Haitian society. And she is a human being.

Please follow OSF's Mission Statements.


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Anonymous said...

we are watching your every move, fair warning


John A. Carroll said...

Dear FBI,

I sure hope so.

And if you would like to donate money for Jenny's surgery, kindly let me know.

Dr. John