Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Katina Needs Surgery

Katina is a 13 year old Haitian girl. She had heart surgery at OSF in Peoria in 2002.

She needs repeat heart surgery and OSF will not operate on her. Haitian Hearts has contacted other medical centers and they believe she is OSF's ethical and medical responsibility. And she is.

I examined her two months ago in Haiti and she needs heart surgery soon or she will die like Jackson and Maxime.

OSF's International Committee needs to accept Katina. Haitian Hearts is able to give OSF $10,000 dollars for her surgery.

Her passport is up to date and I would go to Haiti to get her if OSF accepted her.

See this video of Katina.

How OSF is willing to let this little girl die in Haiti is beyond me.

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Anonymous said...

I am appalled after watching the video of katina that OSF would not operate on her again to save her life, what makes a haitian child less valauble than any other. As a Haitian American who strongly believes in the work that Haitian Hearts is doing I feel so powereless, but i can say it is shameful how these Haitian kids are being treated when they need care
Micki Morency, florida