Monday, October 13, 2008

ER Crowding Still a Hot Topic

The day after I wrote OSF's Administation about Emergency Room overcrowding in our Emergency Room in Peoria, I was put on probation for six months.

Here is my letter that eventually got me fired.

That was September, 2001.

ER overcrowding is still a big issue in the Emergency Medicine literature.

Emergency Medicine News has this online article this month. It was written by Dr. Peter Viccellio.

He said that patients should not be boarded (held in hallways) in the ER. They should be admitted. In the ER at OSF we were holding patients for hours in the hallways. And patients in ER rooms and hallways were not getting admitted in an appropriate time fashion in my opinion.

Dr. Viccellio writes that ER overcrowding is a systemic hospital problem. And that is I why I wrote Keith Steffen and many others because this problem could not be solved only at the ER level.

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