Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Should Saint Francis Medical Center Remain Catholic? Part VI

Ethical and Religious Directives Number 2 calls for "a spirit of mutual respect among caregivers" as the basis of compassionate health care is noteworthy. It indicates, first, that effective care in the spirit of Christ requires a coordinated team effort. The manner in which health care personnel treat one another is of utmost importance in creating a compassionate caregiving community.

In Peoria's Medical Mafia I documented the lack of "mutual respect" at Saint Francis Medical Center exhibited by the statements and actions of Keith Steffen, Chris Lofgren, David Gorenz, and Sue Wozniak. The Peoria public and some of the OSF communtiy would have a hard time believing what the Carroll family knows too well. (See Conversations with Keith , Conversations with Sister Canisia , and Conversations with Chris.)

Directives 5 and 9 state that adherence to the Directives is required in a Catholic institution as a condition for medical privileges and employment. The people listed above have no worries about their actions because the checks and balances at OSF and the Diocese are not working as they should to educate OSF's administration and assure that they follow the Directives.

Compassionate care for patients naturally suffers when OSF administration shows lack of respect for its employees.

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