Monday, July 30, 2012

Is OSF's CEO Worth 2.2 Million Dollars?

Sister Judith Ann Duvall
Chairperson of OSF St. Francis Healthcare System
(Photo by Peoria Journal Star)

Kevin Schoeplein, CEO of OSF Healthcare System in Peoria, received a salary of 2.2 million dollars in 2009. See this article.

Yet, OSF lets their own Haitian Hearts patients die in Haiti with no medical care. And Sister Judith Ann, pictured above, told me multiple times that OSF would never turn down a Haitian child for medical care. But they have.

Sister refers to OSF as a "sacred ministry." Unfortunately, this sacred ministry is a 5 billion dollar not-for-profit enterprise that has lost its core values.

John A. Carroll, MD


John A. Carroll said...

To the person that posted the comment...your comment is good and I agree with it but I need to leave out what you said about the OSF director. If you would repost your comment without the director comment, I would appreciate it. No doubt you are correct, but I would need proof before posting the comment. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Carroll,
Thank you for reading my comment. I sent the comment thinking that you would find it interesting, since you have watched shady SFMC managers cover for one another before. You have been there, you made your stand and SFMC reacted to your dissent in a predictable fashion. I suspected you wouldn't feel comfortable posting what I said and I completely understand.

The OSF Sisters are mere figureheads these days. They are tools that OSF uses for propaganda purposes. SFMC is run by empty suits who see numbers, not human beings. Managers and planners, like Six Sigma, dictate what we will do even though they barely understand our functions. Administration and HR allow and encourage managers to rule through intimidation. Indeed, it seems that intimidation is the only trick they have left.

Managers are also held to lower standards of conduct than the average employee. There have even been cases where management personnel have recklessly injured employees or engaged in criminal activity. They have not been terminated for these acts (as any of us would have been). A settlement here, a slap on the wrist there and poof, it all goes away. It's a bit like Penn State, without the pedophilia (we hope).

The management personnel involved in the worst acts or subsequent cover-ups know who they are. And some of us here at SFMC intend to make sure that others get to know them as well. SFMC employees and the community deserve to know that people in sensitive positions at SFMC are engaging in improper, unethical and even dangerous activities on the job.

Our efforts will be covert, because we know we will never win if we attempt to go head to head with these people. Unfortunately, you know this all too well, doc. Thus,we will be using a non-violent version of asymmetrical warfare to afflict those who afflict us. Department meetings aren't working. Going to HR is not an option (and can lead to retaliation, as we have seen) so they have left us with few options. And the bosses are so full of themselves that they will never see it coming.

Thanks for taking time to read my comments, doc. I'll probably see you around.

Concerned OSF employee

John A. Carroll said...
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John A. Carroll said...

Dear Concerned OSF Employee,

Thank you for taking the time to repost.

I agree with what you write.

Keith Steffen told me in his office that "fear is a good thing" at OSF. It was impossible for me to get my mind around this man as hard as I tried. The things he said to me and my family were incredible. (Sister Judith Ann was in shock and denial when she was informed.) But remember he is there because they want him there for now and when they are done with him that will be it. I feel sorry for Keith...the job and pressure are just too much for him.

The Sisters have lost control on many important core issues. And the Diocese of Peoria most likely gets nice financial donations and favors from OSF that they don't want to lose so they go along with OSF's medical negligence of Haitian Hearts patients, OSF's limited private practice (designed by OSF's Joe Piccione) which allows OSF physicians to prescribe oral contraceptives, etc. It is all about money. Bishop Jenky attacks President Obama but turns his head on OSF's immorality six blocks from the chancery.

And George Hevesy's lifespan at OSF is limited for many reasons that I won't elucidate here. George has gladly taken a salary from Advanced Medical Transport (AMT) for decades as he did all he could to persuade the Peoria City Council to keep the Peoria Fire Department (PFD) at Basic Life Support and not Advanced Life Support-Paramedic. The money in EMS is made in transport of the patient...AMT transports and the PFD still cannot transport patients. But in the last few years, the PFD is turning into Advanced Life Support-Paramedic, so OSF is losing that battle too. The EMS community has been aware of this conflict of interest for two decades but is too afraid to speak out about it because George has held their EMS licenses in his hand.

Good luck with your endeavor to clean up our beloved hospital. If you are serious, you need to have a good lawyer. OSF pays their lawyers very well. Douglass Marshall is OSF's lawyer who fashioned the letter to me stating OSF would not reaccept their own Haitian Hearts patients for re do surgery and three have died now. OSF plays for keeps...don't forget that. A highly esteemed monsignor in the Catholic Diocese of Peoria told me there is much "corporate malaise" at OSF. He was being kind.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your encouragement and advice. I'm not surprised that Keith would consider fear at Saint Francis to be a good thing. If this is his philosophy, then I would say he is setting the tone for management at the hospital. But those of us who want to hold thuggish managers accountable know that administration also has fears. Those include a fear of bad publicity and a reactionary hatred of unions. We will exploit these fears. I won't provide too many details here, since I think it is likely that OSF has its "communications" people (propaganda squad) monitoring your blog from time to time. Thanks again, doc.

Concerned OSF employee