Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catholic Dioceses Sue Obama Administration....Peoria Diocese not one of Them...

See this article in todays Peoria Journal Star.

My comment:

Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria sits on the Board of Fellows at the University of Notre Dame. He did NOT publicly state that he was against President Obama's visit to South Bend in 2009. Bishop Jenky did NOT sign the Cardinal Newman petition which contained the names of dozens of US Catholic bishops who disagreed with President Obama's appearance at UND. 

And for some reason the Catholic Diocese of Peoria is not part of this lawsuit against the Obama administration. The Diocese says they may have their own lawsuit. (Why would they tell the media this? Is it true?) 

However, Bishop Jenky could be a real hero to conservative Catholics (and others) today if he seized the moment.

After Bishop Jenky's criticism of President Obama's health care mandate, and now with the UND lawsuit against the President, Bishop Jenky should end the OSF HealthCare contraceptive policy which was created with the help of the Catholic Diocese of Peoria. This policy allows OSF physicians to prescribe oral contraceptives for thousands OSF patients from OSF offices throughout the entire OSF HealthCare System. 

We can only hope and pray that Bishop Jenky has the courage to take on OSF right here in Peoria. It is his duty to lead with morally consistent words and actions. Confronting OSF with their power and money will be his toughest challenge.

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