Friday, April 20, 2012

Sister Judith Ann

There was an article in the PJS a few weeks ago about OSF's Sister Judith Ann.

It has to be a parody of OSF.

To be honest, it was kind of sad.

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Anonymous said...

Too big to fail. I don't think so. I think Sister Judith Ann's mission of acquisition will threaten her empire and legacy. There are not enough paying customers to keep the beds full in an expensive American healthcare system. Furthermore, for the paying customers, a short wheelchair ride across the bridge to Methodist or pleasant drive to the Chicago suburbs can lead to better access to better care in a better environment. Looking for Medicare and Medicaid bucks to keep your institution fluid...too bad,our U.S. economy is now bankrupt and inflated billing to medicare will be cracked down upon hard by every administration. We'll see how genuine OSF's mission to treat the poor is as they keep trying to acquire real estate assets in all the wrong settings. Ottawa, IL: Population= rural agricultural health problems, sparse population, and no industry --go ahead--buy it up, if it was worth anything Centegra or Cadence would have already owned it. The days of making money off ministering to the poor are over. How quickly can 5 billion in assets evaporate? Maybe U of I grad Jon Corzine can tell you?