Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Physicians Owned by Hospitals

"...most of us feel that any doctor who is an at-will employee of a hospital system fundamentally isn't working for his patients any longer but instead works for his boss (i.e., the guy that can fire him), whoever that may be. A doctor should not willingly put himself in any position where he can be fired by anyone but the patient. To practice medicine as an employee who can be terminated without cause is tantamount to a breach of medical ethics. You are simply giving too much control of your practice to someone who is not the doctor of your patients."

Nick Benton, MD
Emergency Medicine News
May, 2011


Kolleen Burnett, DO said...

I completely agree with this, yet cannot afford to open a solo practice, which is a complete shame.
I was "let go" with severence pay from OSF-St. James without a reason given. My patients and their families are extremely upset and lost for where to go. I have taken care of their children for the last 6 years. I have cried with them, rejoiced with them and educated them. There is absolutely no reasons big enough to get rid of a busy, well-loved and good Pediatrician. Some of families have started a petition to get me re-instated. Although I miss my patients and would love to continue to care for them, I am concerned that OSF is solely run by the administration and Patient care is no longer priority. They would rather have a physician who sees over 40 patients per day and practices medicine dangerously and risky than a physician who spends extra time with a family in crisis and practices medicine safely with the patient at heart, not the bottom line (money).

Kolleen Burnett, DO,FACOP,FAAP

John A. Carroll said...

Sorry, Kolleen. You are in a bad position because OSF does not have to give you a reason.

It is money over Mission as you unfortunately just found out.

E mail me if you want to talk.