Sunday, May 10, 2009

Peoria's Ambulance Monopoly is Falling Apart

Very slowly, Peoria's corrupt ambulance system is changing.

Last week this article reported that Peoria Fire Station 12 is paramedic.

This took almost two decades to happen.

OSF has supported AMT for the same period of time. OSF's ambulance director was on AMT's salary.

A short Forum article of mine was printed yesterday in the Journal Star.

It will be important for the PFD Station 12 to document the number of people that it helps. The entire city of Peoria needs to be served by the PFD paramedics with advanced life support drugs and technology that AMT has had for years.


Forum: Keep improving Fire Department equipment

Posted May 08, 2009 @ 10:30 PM

Re. May 2 story, "Specialized fire engine looks to save lives":

The people covered by Peoria Fire Station 12 are now in good hands. But what about the rest of Peoria?

I wonder if it will take two more decades to permit Peoria Fire Department paramedics to obtain a second "advanced life support engine" to save even more Peorians.

John A. Carroll, M.D.

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1 day ago
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The 'advanced life support engines' that I refer to in the article are simply regular fire engines with advanced life support medication and equipment. The medication and equipment are very cheap but can be very effective in saving lives.... especially when used immediately upon arrival.

The Peoria Fire Department has had Paramedics and Intermediate EMT's for years. Unfortunately for Peoria, they were not allowed to use these individuals for their advanced medical expertise.

The real question is: How long will it take until OSF and the other 'powers that be' to permit other PFD engines to be supplied with advanced technology? Or will local power and greed continue to keep the Peoria ambulance monopoly in AMT's hands?

John A. Carroll, M.D.

1 day ago
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Well put John. And also maybe the city should support this and not have to only rely on AMT to get it started. I wonder how much the city has budgeted for the ALS? ? I dont care how broke a city may be, common sense tells me that if this will help save lives then maybe we should budget some money toward this and make it happen. This is a great addition to the City of Peoria.

23 hours ago
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This article reported on a staged event.

OSF and its Emergency physician leaders were not quoted, if you noticed. They have been telling the public for years that everything was fine with Peoria's Emergency Medical Services, when it was not.

And both OSF and its Emergency physician leaders have been fighting against the PFD from advancing its medical care for years, while they supported Advanced Medical Transport (AMT).

In 2003, when AMT did not get the vote they needed for a multi year contract with the City, they pulled their offer to help the PFD advance its medical care education. So I doubt AMT is thrilled about even one PFD Station giving Paramedic care now. AMT was told what to say by OSF.

You are right. This is a great addition for the City of Peoria. Hopefully, the political support will be there for more PFD Paramedics and more engines carrying advanced life support medication very soon.


5 hours ago
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The iretrucks almost always get to the scene before the ambulance. It only makes sense that the firetrucks should have the equipment that is most urgently needed in emergency situations.

46 minutes ago
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And the main thing Kate is that people like you and me and anyone elso out there need to speek up to the city council, and maybe things will get done.

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