Monday, September 15, 2008

OSF is Afraid

OSF in Peoria is afraid.

They don't want the story out.

What story?

The story that describes how they are letting their Haitian patients die miserable deaths.

Like Heureuse.

The President of OSF Healthcare System, Sister Diane Marie, is one of the remaining Sisters at OSF. She has very little control over day to day management of the medical center.

Here is what Sister recently wrote in "Connections"--an OSF pamphlet:

"While the world outside of OSF gears up for a new focus on collabortion and team-building, we can take great pride and give thanks for our Foundational Value of teamwork and for our tradition of caring for the sick, the poor, and the dying. We are well-positioned to continue and enhance our service to patients and to extend our Mission of caring "with the greatest care and love"."

Why would Sister be writing this? This is nonsense. Just ask Heureuse.

Today, I e mailed,,,,, and

I tried to send this this post regarding Heureuse.

All of the e mails bounced back to me because OSF has blocked my e mails.

For good reason OSF obviously don't want these Children's Hospital of Illinois Foundation members receiving my e mail. OSF's policy denying care to Heureuse is against all that the Sisters preach (and write about) and the U.S. Bishops demand regarding Catholic health care.

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