Sunday, January 14, 2007

Homicide in the ER?

Please go to the Peoria Pundit to see post regarding an Emergency Room in Illinois where a patient died after being triaged to the waiting room and homicide is being considered. Homicide did not happen but there are serious systemic errors in EMS in the United States.


Chase Ingersoll said...


I'm certainly not a critic. As a self described former crusader, I've actually been quite interested in the way you have promoted what are worthy causes.

You also do a really good job with the internet tools available. Much better than any way that I used them for my decades worth of causes in Peoria.

Those of us that have promoted causes in the past that involved fundamental issues of justice, realize that sometimes the most success we are going to partake of in this earth, is the success of having been the only person stand up and tell what was really going on and bear the personal heat that we were going to take for it.

We can all disagree about minor details. But there are problems and people need to stop patting themselves on the back from their ivory towers and consider changes that might affect their personal bottom line.

I;m no longer involved in Peoria causes....moved causes...but Peoria sure toughened me up....if I needed that, and it particularly taught me about identifying what type of success I am likely to achieve in a particular challenge/issue. Right now I am just looking to achieve success in the form of market share and corporate stability.

But despite my conventional appearance today, inside there is a person that can only tollerate so much BS by country club fat cats who had much of what they have in life handed to them. Far better to be handed a lemon and make lemonaide than a silver spoon and a sense of entitlement that someone should be there to take your spoon and stir lemonaide for you.

Chase Ingersoll said...


1.800.290.4520 is me, Chase Ingersoll

John A. Carroll said...

Dear 1-800-290-4520,

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

I don't think the Internet is the right place to have the discussions on the blogs, but I really don't have any other format at present. OSF's ethics committee has not answered any request to discuss these issues over the past five years.

I am a believer, as I am sure you, that more information is better than less. It is a slow process to influence entrenched systems.

Thank you again.