Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Maxime's Obituary

Maxime Petion

EAST PEORIA - Maxime Petion, 21, of St. Georges, Haiti, who was hosted by an East Peoria family, died on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2007, in Cleveland, Ohio.

He had traveled from Haiti to Cleveland Clinic for medical treatment through arrangements made by Haitian Hearts, Dr. John Carroll, Senator Mike DeWine and Cleveland Clinic.

Maxime was born on May 6, 1985, to Anne Marie D'Haiti. She survives, along with three brothers, Jean-Marcel, Jean-Paul and Frandy, and one sister, Anilia, all of Haiti. He is also survived by his host family, John and Jeanette Johnson and their sons, Adam, Andy and Evan of East Peoria.

The Johnson's hosted Maxime in 2002, when he had heart surgery at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center. Becky Noss, Maxime's teacher and friend, also survives. Also surviving is Maxime's Haitian pastor and special family friend, Reverend Todo Julien. Maxime was also survived by Mary Hurley, who hosted him while he was in Cleveland.

Though Maxime lived a very poor life in Haiti, he exuded joy and gratitude through his beautiful smile. He was a very devout Christian and read his Bible so much that he wore out its binding.

Maxime touched the lives of many people in central Illinois and also during his brief time in Cleveland. One of his caretakers at Cleveland Clinic wrote the following poem in tribute to Maxime.

Thank you, Maxime, for lessons taught how to pause and enjoy the minutes, to be grateful, to breathe, and to sleep, and to laugh with beloved family and friends. As Jesus did, and Jackson and so many others, you have again taught us by example, a quiet persistent message, despite being wracked by pain and exhaustion, despite smashing into nightmares of inequity, injustice, man's arrogance and fear. Faith. Hope. Love. My faith and hope have been, once again, healed by your life example, your love of life. Now is the moment, not tomorrow or next year. Thank you for the reminder Maxime. I will try, again, to make NOW count.

Services will be held on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007, at 10 a.m. at Mason Funeral Home, Germantown Hills Chapel, with visitation an hour before. Burial will follow at Sand Ridge Cemetery. Rev. Dr. Donald Whitman will officiate.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Maxime's Haitian family members in care of John Johnson.

Online condolences at

Published in the Peoria Journal Star on 1/24/2007.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Recent Posts on Peoria Pundit

The Peoria Pundit has continued to allow me to post even though his fellow bloggers get upset with him and the comments continue to disregard the content of my posts. The truth is very painful for some of these people and they become quite emotional.

Please see: OSF Expansion Continues, Jean-Baptiste's Anniversary, When a Good Hospital Loses its Way, and Pope Benedict says Hunger is Bad.

Pictured above is Maxime and his brother Jean-Marcel. Maxime will be buried this Saturday and Jean-Marcel and his two brothers are attempting to obtain visas this week to come to Illinois for his funeral.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Homicide in the ER?

Please go to the Peoria Pundit to see post regarding an Emergency Room in Illinois where a patient died after being triaged to the waiting room and homicide is being considered. Homicide did not happen but there are serious systemic errors in EMS in the United States.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Vita and Katina

Please go to Peoria Pundit to see posts on Vita and Katina.

Comment on Maxime and Jackson from Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Dear Dr. Carroll,

As you know, we lost Maxime on our floor, and it broke my heart. We adored him, and we are all so thankful you brought him to us. Of course, taking care of him brought tearful memories of Jackson back to me. I go to school full time, but during my winter break, dressed in the CCF green, I spent most of my time in room four, taking care of Jackson. He was so smart, and so kind! But he was so very weak, too.
Reading this, I wonder if it was me ,the nurse-aide, because I bathed him frequently, and I still to this day remember that moment.

I will NEVER forget him. I am haunted by his tired voice, when one day towards the end of my week he asked me, "why didn't you brush my teeth?"
I did not realise that he no longer had the strength to do it himself.
So I got out the toothpaste and brush, and I spoke to him gently as I brushed his beautiful teeth.

I will always remember how he'd sit up and listen to his CD walkman, and read when he had the strength.

I feel very blessed that you brought him to us. I am still working there, but as a nurse trainee, still in school, and of course, it is my winter break and I got to meet Max.

His hard-boiled eggs were still in the hallway fridge. No one had the heart to throw them out last time I checked.

His smile and his sense of humour will live with us. I know I will never forget him. Or Jackson.

Thank you for bringing him to us.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Maxime Dies

Go to Peoria Pundit and Live From Haiti to see tributes written for Maxime.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Peoria Comments

The Peoria Pundit allows me to continue to post about Haiti, OSF, and Emergency Medical Services in Peoria. He is taking a fair amount of grief by a handful of well connected commenters who say that I have "hijacked" his blog.

We will see what happens.

War in the Haitian Slum

Please go to War in the Haitian Slum posted on the Peoria Pundit.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Where the Money Goes

The Peoria Pundit took a swipe at OSF this morning. What this site says is self-explanatory.