Saturday, April 8, 2017

OSF/Joe Piccione--2017

Yesterday the Peoria Journal Star had this article regarding the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Medical Centers in the United States.

Joe Piccione, OSF's Catholic ethicist said that "we don't live by the ERD." This meant that OSF will follow some of the Directives but don't need to follow all of the Directives established by the US Bishops.

OSF allows its physicians to prescribe oral contraceptives so they don't lose the physicians. This is promoting oral contraceptives which the Directives say cannot be done by medical centers such as OSF.

"When OSF Medical Group was created in the 1990s, some physicians didn’t want to sign on if it meant giving up their ability to prescribe birth control to patients, something that ERD allows for treatment of underlying conditions but not for the purpose of family planning. But OSF was able to create a loophole, allowing those physicians who wished to prescribe birth control to do so of their own volition, covered by their own supplemental liability insurance as a sort of practice within a practice."

This Journal Star article does not mention that it was Joe Piccione who constructed this loophole with the blessings of The Catholic Diocese of Peoria which still continues today. 

Mr. Piccione was also on the Diocesan Haitian Hearts committee which effectively ended Haitian Hearts patients from returning to OSF for follow-up heart surgery. A number of them have died. This action also is against the ERD for Catholic Medical Centers.

John A. Carroll, MD