Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Catholic Diocese of Peoria Needs New Management

Fifteen years ago OSF in Peoria and The Catholic Diocese of Peoria figured out a way to allow OSF physicians to write oral contraceptives while on OSF property.

This policy flies in the face of the official pro life philosophy of the Catholic Church.

However, with OSF's policy it makes the Freedom of Choice Act a mute point in Peoria.

OSF and The Catholic Diocese of Peoria gave in and let the market place control their consciences.

The following is from the book "Diagnosis Critical--The Urgent Threats Confronting Catholic Health Care", by Leonard J. Nelson III.

"John Paul II noted that the alliance between ethical relativism and liberal democracy has the potential 'to remove any sure moral reference point from political and social life, and on a deeper level make the acknowledgement of truth impossible'. This is particularly the case when in comparison or opposition to claims of sexual or reproductive autonomy, perhaps the most cherished of contemporary rights in our highly individualistic culture. And, as Fr. Robert Araujo has prophesized, it may be that the liberal democracies of the twenty-first century will mandate compliance with their beliefs on abortion, euthanasia, and emergency contraception."

"John Paul II called upon Christians to not participate in such acts. He characterized the right to refuse to participate in such procedures a 'basic human right' and called for governments to provide 'those who have recourse to conscientious objection...(with protection) not only from legal penalties but also from any negative effects on the legal, disciplinary, financial and professional plane'. But he also recognized these procedures 'may require the sacrifice of prestigious professional positions or the relinquishing of reasonable hopes of career advancement'."

Found this Poster Yesterday

Yesterday, while cleaning, I found this poster.

Haitian Hearts and Peoria Area Peace Network carried this poster in 2005 in front of OSF-SFMC as we protested OSF's discriminatory and dangerous policy against Haitian Hearts patients.

OSF refuses to operate on any Haitian Hearts patients even if OSF operated on them initially. In other words, OSF is refusing to give medical care to their own patients even after Haitian Hearts has offered full or partial charges for their medical care.

My wife and I took care of both of these young people in our room in Haiti. Jackson was with us for one month in cardiogenic shock and heart failure. Faustina had severe heart failure.

OSF did not answer repeated requests to save their lives.

Haitian Hearts was able eventually to get both Jackson and Faustina accepted into other medical centers in the United States.

However, it was too late for Jackson. Jackson Jean-Baptiste died a slow and very painful death in January, 2006. He is buried in Goodfield, Illinois.

However, Faustina was operated and did very well. She is a happy thriving teenager today.

Other OSF patients are sick in Haiti. I examine them and we provide them with their heart medication. They need surgery and will die without it.

OSF does not answer when contacted about their current sick Haitian patients. The Ethics Department does nothing. And The Catholic Diocese of Peoria remains silent.

As OSF continues to expand with their one-half million dollar Milestone Project, OSF continues their deadly policy against innocent Haitian Hearts patients as 2009 comes to a close.